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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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DEHUMANIZATION                           ZJ

as a superior sort of justification for dehumaniza-
tion and bestialization.   Few there be who are
moving toward the god-man, " god-humanism "
toward the true super-humanism:   many move
toward bestialism, the deification of the bestial.
A bestial cruelty toward man is characteristic of
our age, and this is more astonishing since it is
displayed at the very peak of human refinement,
where modern conceptions of sympathy, it would
seem, have made impossible the old, barbaric
forms of cruelty.   Bestialism is something quite
different from the old, natural, healthy barbarism;
it is barbarism within a refined civilization.   Here
the atavistic, barbaric instincts are filtered through
the prism of civilization, and hence they have a
pathological character.   Bestialism is a pheno-
menon of the human world, but a world already
civilized.   It does not exist in the animal world,
which belongs to a different degree of being,
with its own significance and justification.    The
animals are something much higher than bestial-
ized man*   Hence we speak of man's fallen state.
Just now bestialism is set up higher than human-
ism, as the next degree to which we should
progress.   But bestialism at all events is worse
and lower than humanism, although the latter
is powerless to resist it.   The bestialism of our
time is a continuation of the war, it has poisoned
mankind with the blood of war*   The morals of